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September 2019 Construction News - Houston


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365 WS Featured in DFW Construction News - August

Check out 365 WS in this months issue of the Construction Newspaper! Have you signed up for this free publication? You can sign up here! Click the image below to access the article.


June 2019 Newsletter

Do you have an employee handbook? ThinkHR makes it easy to create one and maintain that it is in compliance with ever changing laws. Click the picture below to see our June news!


April 2019 Newsletter

Distracted Driving is an epidemic lets fight it together! Click the picture below to see our April news!


July 2019 Newsletter

It's HOT! When the job site is closed, beat the heat with some virtual training! Click the picture below to see our July news!


May 2019 Newsletter

Car accidents are inevitable, but reporting them correctly isn't, download our kit and put in each glove box in your fleet! Click the picture below to see our May news!